You want to see a better world and help create social change.  You want to be part of something big and bold that has the potential to create global transformation.

One Million Leaders was created for you.  We want you to be a part of a community of conscious, mindful, connected leaders around the globe.

By sharing and growing with like-minded people worldwide – including emerging leaders and experienced leaders – you can achieve your vision and ultimately help create the change you and others want to see in the world.


Emerging Leaders

You are interested in leadership, are looking to develop your skills further, and are committed to working with others to create a better world.

Experienced Leaders

You are experienced as a leader in a community or organization, are already managing others, and want to share your experience with others.


You want to get involved in this movement, to give back in some way, to host or attend an event so that you can share the One Million Leaders mission with others.

Thank you for an amazing retreat. I learned so much about how to actually be a leader. I have always wanted to help create a better world, now I know what to do!
— Samantha, College Student
This retreat helped me understand how to work with others across different generations so that we can collaborate effectively and build leadership together.
— Joanne, CEO, Branding Firm

The Time is Now

Our world is changing rapidly. The leadership we have in place is no longer suited to achieve what so many of us want for our world.

We need new leaders, now more than ever.

We’re being called to create change within ourselves, our communities and our organizations.

Now is the time to bring together new leadership perspectives, new leadership behaviors and new leaders to solve our greatest challenges.

It’s our time – your time – to come together, share, learn, grow and create what we want in the world. Join us!